Here at I Do, we want to keep an eye on the latest trends, so we can feed these down to you. So every issue, we will talk about upcoming wedding trends, including what’s hot right now and what’s gone out of favour, so you can better utilise these trends for your wedding business.

Live Streaming Weddings
As we all know, the guest number limits on weddings meant that a lot of couples last year had to get creative. Live streamed weddings came out of necessity, but we can see these being a permanent fixture for a while ahead. So if you’re a Videographer or Events expert who hasn’t tapped into this yet, look into it. Many couples are opting for live -streaming as part of their wedding package, securing themselves against another potential limit on numbers in the future.

Micro Weddings
This began as a trend out of need last year, with many couples having very small ceremonies and receptions (when they were allowed). We did see some venues draft micro-wedding packages to suit these types of wedding, but not as many as we’d hoped. There’s a potential for wedding numbers to be kept small, or with a must for social distancing. So if you don’t have a micro-wedding package yet, seriously think how you can make your business fit with this new idea.

Bridal Changes
When it comes to bridalwear, it looks like many designers have thrown out the rule book and we’re seeing a lot of conflicting trends, which leads us to believe everything but ‘the norm’ is going to be in fashion this year. There is more focus on gowns cut above the knee and on simpler bridal looks. One trend we have noticed across the board is the use of intricate leaf embroidered lace. And puff sleeves is another trend that’s clawing it’s way back too.

Where you can get Married
There is currently talk of a proposed change to the law of where you can legally get married. It’s an outdated law and would open up so many avenues to couples wanting to say their vows in their favourite place. It would give couples more freedom to have the type of ceremony they want, rather than be limited to one location. Keep an eye on this as this could be a great opportunity to jump on.

Gifts/Favours for Wedding Guests

As the pandemic has kept us all socially distant for the past year, many couples want to focus on their close friends and family and treat them extra special on their wedding day. Whether that’s lavish wedding favours to posh personalised gifts with more meaning behind them, there will be heavy focus on splashing out on the guests at weddings. Some couples are even looking at sending something out prior to the wedding, so guests have a bottle of prosecco to toast the special day for example. Something to think about if you trade in gifting or favours, or even personalised wedding stationery maybe?

Colour Trends to Watch
Pantone released two colours of the year; Illuminating and Ultimate Grey. These colours are meant to represent solidarity with a reason to be hopeful for the future and we can see many colour palettes featuring bright yellow and greys across wedding supplier services. Another popular colour trend for 2021 is sage green and cream; so florists, stationers, decor should get on this quickly.

Buffet Food Tables
These have seen a drop in popularity what with the sharing of utensils and uncovered food. So if you run a catering business, individual buffet plates are the way of the future.

Massive over the top weddings
Massive over the top weddings -There’s more focus on ‘getting married now’ and not bothering with a huge party just yet. The lack of big wedding celebrations will probably be a trend that continues throughout 2021 probably mostly due to the after effects of the pandemic and the staggered increase in guest numbers. Couples who have already rescheduled their big day several times and have chopped their guest list will be unlikely to change everything yet again when restrictions ease. However, in 2022 and beyond, we expect large weddings to come back into favour on a grand scale with huge wedding after-parties for those who got hitched in 2020 and 2021.
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