Ok, so you’ve got your wedding business all set up and ready to go, but what do you do now? Wait for the leads to roll in and hope for the best?

Every issue we will be tackling a different aspect of Marketing to arm you with the tools to promote your wedding business effectively to your target audience.

This issue it’s all about Branding.
How you brand yourself is key to how your potential customers identify you.
Who are you? What sets you apart from the other suppliers who do what you do? What values do you attach to your business?
These are all important things to remember before you begin marketing as you need to figure out how you’re going to communicate to your target audience. Your brand identity is who you are as a business and your brand personality is the way your business acts and promotes itself. You need a clear vision of what that is to be able to talk to potential customers.

Think of Coca Cola.
What’s their brand personality?
They feature the idea of ‘sharing a Coke with a friend’ heavily across their marketing and even went as far as to add names and family terms on each bottle. Finding a bottle with ‘Mum’ or even ‘Mam’ written across it was like winning the jackpot.
Coca Cola have very much a young, fun-loving brand personality that’s based on Coca Cola being a caring brand that you’d trust with your family and friends.

So if your business was a person, what would its’ personality be?There are 5 main types of Brand Personalities, which are:

Sincerity – which also translates as genuine, cheerful, honest, domestic.

Excitement – which also translates as imaginative, up to date, spirited, daring.

Competence – which also translates as dependable,efficient, responsible, reliable.

Sophistication – which also translates as romantic, charming, glamorous, presentation.

Ruggedness – which also translates as tough, outdoorsy, strong, rugged.

To figure out which type your business is, you need to be asking questions like:
If someone met your business for the very first time, how would they describe it?
How would you promote your products/services? In a corporate responsible way, or an exciting inspired way?

So sit down and think about the personality traits you’d attach to your business and how you want yourself to be seen and thought of by potential customers. When you have your brand personality nailed, you can start showing this off through your marketing channels and build your customer relationships.