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About I Do Magazine

"If you always do what you've always done...
you'll always get what you've always got"

Are you are a little bit fed up with putting adverts in magazines and newspapers...
....Only to find the phone never rings?
Do you have a beautifully designed website…
...but hardly anyone visits it and nobody fills in your contact form, except SEO companies promising the earth?
Do you turn up at some wedding fayres and hope that it's going to be a good turnout.
...and only 50 brides turn up?
Is disappointing advertising become so regular you've just come to accept it?
Have you started to get just a little bit cynical about the whole dam thing.
I’ll bet you are.
The fact is
If you’re not laser targeting all your marketing efforts then the fact is over 99% of all your advertising is being wasted and that’s why it’s not working.
It’s time to reset your sights and change the way you market your business.
Let’s begin…
You are aiming at a very niche market, a niche so narrow that not only is it to a particular type of person, but that person is only in that niche for a very short space of time.
The Bride…
from a standing start she has a million and one things to sort out and like it or not, you have less than 18 Months to convince her that you are the right person and the right company to help her with the biggest day of her life.
That’s a lot of love and trust to build up in a very short space of time.
So, she rolls up her sleeves and begins her search…
She isn't going to waste her time looking through lifestyle magazines or newspapers for her wedding suppliers.
No, she's reading wedding magazines.
Unless you're on page one of Google she's not going to find you on the internet.
if your only talking to 50 brides every once in a while at a wedding fayre well...
It's no wonder your feeling disappointed.
I want to tell you it doesn't have to be like this.
There is an alternative.
If you want to grow your wedding business you need to put that relationship on steroids!
By that I mean you need to be in front of that bride when she looking for your service type.
I Do Magazine has been created to help you do just that.
Every copy of I Do Magazine is hand delivered to a bride directly in your area at the wedding fayres published on the I Do Magazine website.
But that’s just the beginning.
We continue to build a relationship with those brides, they become members of I Do Magazine and we keep referring them to the suppliers in the magazine and on the website time and time again.
We now have over 14,000 members who now love and trust us and the wedding suppliers we promote.

Everything we do is geared up to help your business succeed in the wedding Industry.
So if you would like to get a bit more than you've always got - give me a call

Richard Wilson - I Do Magazine

This is how some of our customers put it...

"Busy, but that's good. The brides have been well informed of event, very enjoyable show."

Eternal Images Photography Ltd

"After standing last year we knew that it was going to be one of the biggest shows around. It's the wedding exhibition to stand and worth the cost."

PA Jewellery

"Good value for money due to level of potential customers."

Julie - Party Cakes

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